Node Red: A Private IFTTT

31 Mar 2016

Node Red: A Private IFTTT

I used IFTTT on-and-off over the years to connect various ephemeral online stuff together (“Copy Recently Liked Instagram Pictures To Dropbox”): on when it sounded convenient, off when I realized they had all my passwords, on again when they got their app-specific sign-in process right. Now, since they are a start-up, they started doing start-up things.

In the ensuing Twitter discussion, people started proposing various replacement services, all of which are online and centralized as well.

So, I remembered what I did after Google Reader shut down and went looking for a decentralized alternative that I could run for and by myself.1 Enter Node Red, which looks easy and spiffy enough. Not quite end user-friendly, but I have enough CS background to get what the interface wants from me. (Only hurdle so far: realizing that node customization is not accessible in the right-hand-side panel but pops up upon double clicking the node.) I have a computer that’s running 24/7, so that’s where it will get deployed.

Of course, the nodes don’t supply all the information I need to copy recently-liked pictures from Instagram onto Dropbox with meaningful filenames, but everything is open source and on github, so looks like I’ll have some hacking to do in my future.

  1. Still really happy with rss2imap by the way; it’s been working quietly and flawlessly for years now.