06 Aug 2016

Migrated the issues for the toy at work from a self-administered redmine instance to github.

The new issue tracker is objectively worse: among the things it does not have are Categories (“Is it a bug or a feature?”); Statuses beyond “Open” and “Closed”; Priorities; a Second Sort of Categories (Compiler Infrastructure vs Language Design vs Java Backend vs …); Start and Due Date, Estimated Hours and % Done; and File Attachments.

What the github tracker does have is a login for everyone, a markup language that everyone knows, git integration and free-form labels that can be used to implement almost all of the above. And everyone knows how to use it already.

I used the redmine2github scripts for the one-shot conversion. There were some adventures with github API rate limiting, which I solved by sprinkling time.sleep(3) in the code, and my experiments in mapping redmine submitter information to github accounts caused github to spam everyone on the project except for me. Some IMs later and I gave up on that. The documentation recommends to try the import on a throwaway project first, and I heartily second that – the exporter did not preserve umlauts in names, and the description bodies are not converted. (Hint: globally replace @ with ``` in the redmine-exported json files – it works both for inline code fragments and code blocks.)

An initial triage of the bug reports turned up some bugs that were reported that I had never seen but which are within my responsibilities, so that’s nice and the effort has paid off already. Still, file attachments would be nice.